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Majestic Theater

This historic and beautiful theatrical facility was built by one of Eastland's founding fathers, C.U. Connelle, in 1920 and was originally called the Connellee Theatre. The Connellee featured films and stage shows; Gene Autry and his horse, Champion, made their appearance and live radio programs were broadcast every Saturday. Beauty contests were held regularly, as well as operas. The building was closed, remodeled and reopened by Interstate Theatres on February 13, 1947 as the Majestic Theatre. Interstate Theatres closed the Majestic in 1986.

In 1987, Eastland citizens undertook a huge community project; the renovation and reopening of the Majestic as Eastland's civic center. Today's audiences enjoy the beautiful art deco style and western decor as audiences did long ago. The Majestic features current hit films each Friday through Monday; schedules classic films, concerts, conventions, school and religious events and touring stage shows for children and adults. The building also features a State of Texas historical marker. The Theater is currently operated and managed by the Fine Arts Community Association of Eastland.

Tours are available on request at 254-629-2102.
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